Dr. Ingrid Quintana

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Co-founder and Manager of Be Light

Acroyoga - Yoga - Thai Massage

Movement was always in my life: Ballet, Gymnastics, Aerial silks, Yoga and Acroyoga. My relationship with gravity is a constant dance, a never-ending, always-expanding Universe.

Science was always in my essence: the constant curiosity and the quest for the right questions developed in turn in the form of a Biotechnologist with a PhD in Biology. As Yoga, everything is Science.
Teaching is my nature: I used to teach Math, Chemistry, English and Physical chemistry. I continued with Acroyoga, Yoga and Thai Massage. I started teaching wen I was 12. I will never stop.

Dr. Christian Hahn

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Co-founder of Be Light

Meditation & Mindfulness

In 2013 I started to lead seminars on meditation and mindfulness in the psychology program at the University of Göttingen. Since 2015, I have been teaching primarily student teachers at the University of Leipzig in the area of teaching, learning and development. After more than 2000 hours of teaching experience, I can say that there is nothing more fulfilling for me than passing on knowledge and methods that provides more presence, more compassion for ourselves and others, a stronger sense of connection to fellow human beings and nature, as well as increased resilience to stressors.

My teaching is based on current findings in stress research and neuropsychology. By understanding how our brains act, I am convinced we can understand why training in mindfulness and compassion belongs in every curriculum in the world, and why individual practice holds such promise.

Mark Goodhead


Power yoga - Vinyasa yoga

I started my yoga journey in 2012, qualifying as a Hot Power Yoga teaching in 2018, under the tuition of Dylan Ayaloo, who was trained by Baron Baptiste.


Originally from Leeds in the north of England, I lived in London for 20 years, mainly working as a freelance illustrator before moving to Leipzig midway though 2018.I’ve always been a city person at heart but also love the natural world & it was this mixture of beautiful old buildings & green outdoor spaces that brought me to Leipzig.

Jeannine Rieckhoff


Hatha Yoga

Seit meinen Kindertagen waren Sport und Bewegung meine liebsten Freizeitbeschäftigungen. Ich startete mit Ballett und Tischtennis und vor allem Karate begleitete mich davon viele Jahre bis zum zweiten braunen Gürtel. Fernöstliche Bewegungsformen, Achtsamkeit und Selbstdisziplin fesselten mich sehr, wodurch ich 2016 mit meiner Yogapraxis und ersten 200hr Ausbildung in Berlin im Hatha Yoga begann. Dennoch interessierten mich immer die Wurzeln des Yogas, weshalb ich meine zweite 300hr Ausbildung in Rishikesh, Indien 2017 absolvierte. Ein Handstand und ein Vinyasa Workshop bei Dylan Werner 2019 veränderten meine Praxis und Wissenschatz ungemein positiv. Meine letzte 2jährige Ausbildung mit 720 Unterrichtseinheiten war angelehnt an die Lehre von Sivananda und brachte mich dennoch nicht ans Ende von meinem Yogaweg.

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