Dr. Ingrid Quintana

Co-founder and Manager of Be Light

Acroyoga - Yoga - Thai Massage

Yoga Leipzig

Movement has always been in my life: ballet, gymnastics, aerial silks, yoga and acroyoga. My relationship with gravity is a constant dance, a never-ending, ever-expanding universe.

Science has always been in my nature: the constant curiosity and the search for the right questions developed in turn in the form of a biotechnologist with a PhD in biology. As yoga, everything is science.
Teaching is my nature: I used to teach math, chemistry, English and physical chemistry. Then I continued with acroyoga, yoga and Thai massage. I started teaching when I was 12. i will never stop

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Dr. Christian Hahn

Co-founder of Be Light

Meditation & Mindfulness

Yoga Leipzig

In 2013, I began leading seminars on meditation and mindfulness in the psychology course at the University of Göttingen. Since 2015 I have been teaching mainly student teachers at the University of Leipzig in the field of teaching, learning and development. After more than 2000 hours of teaching experience, I can say that there is nothing more fulfilling for me than passing on knowledge and methods that lead to more presence, more compassion for ourselves and others, a greater sense of connection with fellow human beings and nature and an increased Build resilience to stressors.

My lessons are based on current findings in stress research and neuropsychology. I believe that by understanding how our brains work, we can understand why training in mindfulness and compassion belongs in every curriculum in the world, and why individual practice holds so much promise.

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Mark Goodhead

Power yoga - Vinyasa yoga

Yoga Leipzig

I started my yoga journey in 2012, qualifying as a Hot Power Yoga teaching in 2018, under the tuition of Dylan Ayaloo, who was trained by Baron Baptiste.

Originally from Leeds in the north of England, I lived in London for 20 years, mainly working as a freelance illustrator before moving to Leipzig midway though 2018.
I've always been a city person at heart but also love the natural world & it was this mixture of beautiful old buildings & green outdoor spaces that brought me to Leipzig.

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Frida Maxi Krüger

Vinyasa Krama Yoga

20220504_135851 (1).jpg

Already as a small child Frida discovered her passion for dancing. After years of intensive dance training in ballet and contemporary dance and participating in various dance theater productions, she found yoga as a way to holistic personal development and balance the stresses of everyday life.

In order to be able to pass on her love for yoga and dance in a qualified way and to deepen her knowledge in the field of bodywork, she decided in 2013 to take a dance pedagogy training at Seneca-Intensiv in Berlin and a year later a yoga training through the Shanti Yoga School and Natural Healing Practice, through which she was also certified as a children's yoga teacher.

In 2016 she specialized and started a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training (200h RYT) at Kalaa Yoga Studios in Berlin, where she will participate in an upgrading Yoga Teacher Training (300h RYT) starting in September'22.

In 2013, Frida took the brave step to become self-employed as a fire show artist, dance educator and yoga teacher and has since led numerous courses and projects for children and young people in Creative and Modern Children's Dance and taught children's yoga and vinyasa yoga classes for adults in her own studio in Rostock. In 2018 she became a mom, moved from the beautiful Baltic Sea coast to the colorful Leipzig to study psychology and now wants to build a yoga and dance network here as well


You can see and read more from her on instagram and facebook. (@fridamaxiyoga)

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Carolin Wollmer

Umkehhaltungen Asana-Flow - Handstands

Yoga Leipzig

Trying out my body in different kinds of movement has been one of my favorite activities since childhood.

Thus, I trained in a children's and youth circus at the age of 7 and started vaulting at a competitive level at the age of 10. At the age of 19 both hobbies came to an end, because I went abroad for the time being. Besides my geography studies (bachelor and master), I explored the world of yoga and acroyoga for several years. In 2019 I did my yoga training in Rishikesh, India and in 2020 I did another training to become an acroyoga teacher.

I love to combine my passion of movement with mindfulness, gentleness and mental health and to share and constantly expand my knowledge with others.

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Linda Hoffman

Yin Yoga

Yoga Leipzig

Linda and yoga - it was love at first sight. She stood on the mat for the first time at 17. Since then she tried many different styles of yoga and stuck mainly to hatha, yin and acro yoga. After the 1001st Downward Facing Dog, she decided to do a yoga teacher training. First in Ibiza (Yin Yoga, 2018), then in Berlin to become a children's yoga teacher and later in Guatemala at the beautiful Lake Atitlan (Hatha Yoga, 2021). Especially the last training changed her life 360 degrees.

She quit her corporate job in HR and trained as a breath and mindfulness coach. The topic of femininity has been on her mind for some time. This year she started working as a doula. She sees her true calling in the birth field and in the postpartum period. Besides yoga classes, she offers regular women's circles in Leipzig and organizes wonderful SoulRetreats in Germany and Tenerife <3 She loves the mountains, traveling and connecting with other cultures.

Linda strongly believes that everyone is allowed to find and walk their own path. In her classes she encourages practitioners to challenge themselves and at the same time not to take themselves too seriously and above all to have fun :) 

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Wieland Körber



I am Wieland, my favorite nickname is WiFi. Acroyoga was love at first move and since 2020 my heart goes into it. In younger years I kicked a lot at Taekwondo before I did a lot of running (barefoot), meditating and solving movement puzzles while bouldering. In the first half of 2022, I was traveling in Latin America and attended my first Montreal style acroyoga teacher training in Mexico in February. What fascinates me about this style is the Ashtanga Yoga inspired athletic challenge, the social responsibility and the dance creative energy.

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Anna Mehlitz

Yin Yoga

Yoga Leipzig

I am Anna and during my yoga training I was allowed to dive intensively into the different yoga styles. Over time, teaching Yin Yoga has become my great passion. 
I love to create a space where you can sink deep into your body and your inner world. Accompanied by loving massage or the sounds of my handpan, moments of deep relaxation and letting go are created.

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