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Acroyoga - The sky is the limit

Acroyoga combines three vast disciplines:

1) Through Yoga we learn about the healthy use of our strength and we root the practice not only in the physical but also in the emotional level. 

2) Acrobatics is there to teach us about how to raise each other and how we can bring the inner child to the surface.

3) Thai Massage invites us to thank our bodies and to bring them to a well deserve state of rest until we meet to play again!

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Acroyoga Veranstaltungen

Yoga Leipzig
Yoga Leipzig
Yoga Leipzig

Sometimes there is no time during the week, but that's not a problem! Weekends and holidays are perfect excuses to treat you with exercise, quality time and playing in community.

*Great news: Acroyoga SoLunar Workshop on the 6th of June with Ingrid!

In Acro, we call the Solar practice the most physically demanding. We need our muscles, we need to hold ourselves and develop strength and tightness. And like everything in life, we need balance. That's when the Lunar practice comes in and invites us to let go, to relax and stop holding ourselves in order to be held by someone else.

In this workshop we will start with acro, learning about the building blocks of a healthy practice, putting them together into a sequence and talking about important technique aspects of the Solar practice. In the second half, we will immerse ourselves into the relaxing world of Thai Massage. Here we will learn the main principles and apply them into a sequence that will be lead twice. So everybody will give and receive for about 30 minutes. Here you find all info & registrations www.belight-leipzig.de/workshops

*Acroyoga Montreal: Gabi Dal Ponte and Ludimilla Cançado (Brasil) are certified teachers from AY International and AY Montreal, respectively, with years of experience practicing and teaching Yoga and Acroyoga. They invite you to go beyond the traditional Acro-flows and movement through the fusion of other arts and techniques of the body such as dance, contact, capoeira, to create a contemporary aesthetics that doesn't know limits or shapes and that represents the body in motion with its endless possibilities of expression.

Here you find all info & registrations www.belight-leipzig.de/workshops

*You can also join Ingrid and Lore in a 3-day retreat in the wonderful Ecovillage Sieben Linden. Join us for Yoga, Acroyoga and Thai Massage in the middle of nature, with delicious food and accommodation included! 


Find all info and registrations here

*Because of Corona we are not doing Thai Massage in the classes anymore, but you can explore this amazing practice in our Thai Massage Workshops & Courses.

Find all info and registrations here

Acroyoga Kurse - Für wen ist das geeignet?

Acroyoga Backbend
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A lot of people think you should be strong and/or flexible to start Acroyoga.. but if you already have the skills, why would you join the class then?

In general, to join the courses at Be Light you don't need previous experience, unless it appears specifically in the description of the course (you'll find this when you register in the course schedule). So you can always sign up for a trial class: you also don't need to wait for a new course to start, just join us any time!


The background message of Acroyoga is creating community. Therefor you don't need to register with a partner, we are all here waiting for you. Also, we normally work in groups of 3: Base, Flyer and a Spotter, to keep the practice safe.


Last but not least, with a 5er / 10er Karte / Membership you can visit all the courses (and not only Acroyoga, but any 90' class you find in the course schedule including Yoga, Handstands, etc).


So my advice is always the same: have a try, explore the different classes and see where you feel the most comfortable! :) 

Acroyoga Private Classes - Private Workshops

If you want to learn something specific or if you have a specific event  you want to light up with Acroyoga Fun then a private class or a private workshop (also for Kids!) might be what you need.

This option is also suitable for beginners who need a bit of extra support before jumping into group classes. The learning curve having the full attention of the coach is just so much steeper!

You can choose the duration of both the private class and the workshop (normally 60´- 90´- 2 hours) and the number of people can vary: for private classes 1, 2 or 3 / for private workshops between 3 and 12 people.


The price is also different in each case, and you can get discounts when booking 3/5/10 classes in advance.


For more information about the best format for what you need contact us at: