Acroyoga - The sky is the limit

AcroYoga combines:


the fitness + play of acrobatics,

the healing + movement of therapeutics,

 the balance + connection of yoga.


Check out some videos!

Get back into your practice after the long lockdown. Whether you have a partner or not, we have options for you.

Three courses in three different levels: Beginner, Multilevel and Intermediate. 

You can start any time!

You don't need any kind of previous experience. Doesn't matter how strong or flexible you are. Those skills are developed with time and good training.

The background message of Acroyoga is creating community. Join us and discover a world where healthy training, unlocking skills and having fun in community merge together.

Acroyoga Courses

Take a look at our schedule and book a trial lesson. You can start anytime!

To comfortably explore the 3 practices, each class is 2 hours long!

Your teacher Ingrid is certified in all of them (Yoga, Acroyoga and Thai Massage). Read more about her here.

How does it go?

Carefully designed courses that can be attended in pairs or alone.
Usually we train in groups of three: base, flyer and spotter.

Everyone is advised to explore the 3 roles, but you can of course choose.


Private lessons

For beginners looking for more support or for advanced practitioners looking for something more specific.
Private lessons can be for 1 to 3 people and for 60 or 90 minutes.

Feel free to check out all the options and prices here.

Private Workshops

For kids, adults or family!
Celebrate your birthday or any other special occasion. Book a private workshop for you and your friends and create everlasting, beautiful memories.