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Yoga Leipzig

What is acroyoga? Acroyoga combines three vast disciplines:

1) Through yoga we learn the healthy use of our power, and we root the practice not only on the physical but also on the emotional level. 

2) Acrobatics is there to teach us how to uplift one another and how to bring out our inner child.

3) The Thai massage invites us to thank our body and bring it to a well-deserved state of rest until we meet again to play!

In Be Light you will find professional teachers and a large room with the right mats to keep the practice safe.

All levels are welcome!

Acroyoga Veranstaltungen

Manchmal bleibt unter der Woche keine Zeit, aber das ist kein Problem! Wochenenden und Feiertage sind die perfekte Ausrede, um dir Bewegung, Qualitätszeit und Spiel in der Gemeinschaft zu gönnen.

Yoga Leipzig

*Easter Acro on the 28. 29. and 30.03. with Lena and Lucie

🌟 Join Lucie and Lena for an amazing 3-day weekend full of Acro, Good technique, Important tips and tricks for your practice and, of course, well deserved relaxation.

*Open Level - Open Heart! We always teach variations so you find your cup of tea ;)

*To join this event you don't need a partner. Registrations are per person.


One day: Early Bird until 10.3. 65€ - Afterwards: 80€ 

Two days: Early Bird until 10.3. 115€ - Afterwards: 130€ 

Whole event: Early Bird until 10.3. 155€ - Afterwards: 185€

If you need help with accommodation please send an E-mail to

Teaching Language will be mainly German but we can offer translation to English if necessary :)

Mehr Info & Anmeldungen:

Yoga Leipzig

*Family Acroyoga with Caro on the 23.02. 17:00 - 18:30

🌟 Join Caro for a Fun Family AcroYoga Adventure! 🤸‍♀️👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Looking for a unique way to spend quality time with your family and little ones? Look no further! 🧡

In this exciting 90-minute workshop, adults and children (ages 7-10) will embark on a joyful journey of balance, trust, and laughter. 🤗

💫 What to Expect:

  • Engaging AcroYoga poses and flows that promote teamwork and connection.

  • Trust-building exercises that will strengthen your family bond.

  • Laughter and smiles as you and your kids explore new horizons together.

  • An inclusive and welcoming environment for all levels.

Here you find all info & registrations

*Acroyoga-Retreat in Ecovillage Sieben Linden

How about getting away from city life and breathing the fresh air of nature?
The peace and quiet of not having appointments and meetings?
The space to reconnect with your body through healthy practices?

The dates for the retreat on 2024 are there! From the 01.11. until the 03.11. , we'll bring some warmth to bodies during the cold winter. With yoga, acroyoga, Thai massage, sauna, good food and much more!

This retreat is multilevel and you do not need to have any previous experience. It is also not necessary to sign up with a partner.

Here you can read more about it. Please note that there is a regular price and a social discount. This social discount is a self-assessment and can be applied for by everyone.

Send us your questions to:

Yoga Leipzig

Acroyoga Courses - Who can participate?

Yoga Leipzig
Yoga Leipzig

A lot of people think you should be strong and/or flexible to start Acroyoga.. but if you already have the skills, why would you join the class then?

In general, to join the courses at Be Light you don't need previous experience, unless it appears specifically in the description of the course (you'll find this when you register in the course schedule). So you can always sign up for a trial class: you also don't need to wait for a new course to start, just join us any time!

The background message of Acroyoga is creating community. Therefor you don't need to register with a partner, we are all here waiting for you. Also, we normally work in groups of 3: Base, Flyer and a Spotter, to keep the practice safe.


Last but not least, with a 5er / 10er Karte / Membership you can visit all the courses (and not only Acroyoga, but any 90' class you find in the course schedule including Yoga, Handstands, etc).


So my advice is always the same: have a try, explore the different classes and see where you feel the most comfortable! :) 

Acroyoga Private Classes - Private Workshops
Yoga Leipzig
Yoga Leipzig

If you want to learn something specific or if you have a specific event  you want to light up with Acroyoga Fun then a private class or a private workshop (also for Kids!) might be what you need.

This option is also suitable for beginners who need a bit of extra support before jumping into group classes. The learning curve having the full attention of the coach is just so much steeper!


You can choose the duration of both the private class and the workshop (normally 60´- 90´- 2 hours) and the number of people can vary: for private classes 1, 2 or 3 / for private workshops between 3 and 12 people.


The price is also different in each case, and you can get discounts when booking 3/5/10 classes in advance.


For more information about the best format for what you need contact us at: