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What is Yoga?

There are many definitions of Yoga. Philosophically we find many interpretations of old texts and Gurus. Literally the word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root "Yuj" that means "to join" "to unite".

Nevertheless one thing is for sure. To practice Yoga is not just to practice Asanas. Yoga allows us to transcend the physical body in order to understand and learn about our minds, our emotions, values and everything that defines us. Not only at an intrapersonal but also at an interpersonal level.



Thai Massage course. Four meetings to learn progressively about the ancient practice.

Starting on the 10.9.

Yoga Privatstunde

Workshops & Courses

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Kids Yoga Teacher Training


Partner Yoga Weiterbildung


with experienced and professional teachers.

Thai Yoga Massage Course

(in English with German/Spanish translation possible)

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Thai Massage is an ancient practice that helps to release blockages in the body. The receiver is normally laying on a special mattress on the floor and fully dressed. Through different techniques we mobilise, stretch and apply pressure in specific points of the body to invite the receiver to relax and let go.

In this series of 4 workshops we will gradually learn different sequences and techniques. Although highly recommended, it is not necessary to attend all 4 dates (see the different prices).

To join these workshops you don't need previous experience or a partner (but be aware that you will work giving and receiving massages with someone that also comes without a partner).


Registrations are per person.

Teaching Language: English with German translation possible

Dates: 10.9. - 8.10. - 6.11. - 3.12. always from 10:00 to 13:00

Prices until the 28.8.2022:

1 Workshop: 45€ (After the 28.8. 50€)

2 Workshops: 80€ (After the 28.8. 90€)

4 Workshops: 140€ (After the 28.8. 160€)


Partner Yoga Training with Manja and Ingrid

(In German with English translation possible)

Yoga Leipzig

If you teach yoga or any other form of movement, perhaps dance or the like, and want to expand your skills, this continuing education is for you. Whether you work with adults, children, couples, parent-child groups, in corporate settings, or random groups of people, you can expand your repertoire with this continuing education.

12 & 13.11. in Be Light Studio

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Partner Yoga Workshop with Manja and Ingrid

(In German with English translation possible)

Yoga Leipzig

Sharing yoga with someone is an opportunity to further understand the body, this time on an interpersonal level. Partner yoga is wonderful for feeling supported and also being there for someone else.

Join Manja and Ingrid in this workshop and discover the wonderful world of flowing together.


Sunday 22.5. 13:00 - 15:00

More Info & Registrations

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Yoga & Backbends with Danka

(In English)

Yoga Leipzig

Yoga Nidra is the experience of complete deep relaxation on a mental, emotional and physical level. You are in a relaxed state of complete clarity between sleep and wakefulness.


In this workshop you will enjoy a Yoga Nidra lesson and knowledge about why Yoga Nidra works so intensely. A workshop that will give you deep relaxation and at the same time enrich your life with the knowledge behind it. The focus is on bringing you closer to your creativity. We want to dive into the world of shapes and colors.

Teaching language: German

Sunday 9.10. 15:00 - 18:00

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Vinyasa Yoga with Mark (in Englisch)

Yoga Leipzig

Vinyasa is a Sanskrit name composed of the terms "Vi", which refers to the positioning of the body in a particular context, and "Nyasa", which is one of the meditative states that promote concentration on a point and subsequent "liberation". Vinyasa yoga thus focuses on movement and transitions.

Mark's classes make you feel centered, aware of your body and engaged with the practice. In his classes he leads you through a progressive flow that leaves no one behind. He also gently invites you to more challenging asanas and the best way to build them.


Visit Mark's classes every Monday 17:30 - 19:00 and Saturday 11:00 - 12:30

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Vinyasa Krama with Frida (in German)


Vinyasa Krama Yoga is an uninterrupted process based on our breathing, where the focus is on the connection between breath and movement.

The individual asana are consciously placed so that step by step more dynamism, power and intensity are added to the sequences.

The asanas merge into each other, creating a 'flow' that sometimes seems like a dance.

This flow and the practice of the Ujjayi breathing technique (constriction of the breath flow in the throat area, creating a sound similar to the sound of the sea. This helps us to let the breath flow calmly and evenly) have a calming and meditative effect, supporting us to focus our mind and be in the moment with our attention.

Visit Frida's class every Thursday 9:00 - 10:00

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Yin Yoga with Linda/Anna (in German)

Yoga Leipzig
Yoga Leipzig

Yin Yoga is a very meditative practice that is a blend of traditional Chinese medicine and yoga asana. This calm variation of yoga helps you relax and let go. The exercises are held between 3-5 minutes to reach and work the deeper fascia. The connective tissues are stimulated and through long held stretches, blockages can be released. The nervous system calms down. Yin Yoga is a perfect balance to the stressful everyday life.  


Yin Yoga helps us to relax and let go. Doing nothing. Through this passive being we come into receiving and thereby refuel our power reserves.


This class is led by Linda and Anna alternately. Every Wednesday from 19:30 to 20:45.

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Yoga in Spanish with Ingrid

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Teaching yoga in my mother tongue allows me to embrace the practice from a place where the connections to the root, the origin, the evolution of my own person and my history are facilitated even more. I believe that from here I can share and transmit intangible values and concepts that go beyond the practice of asanas.

Meet me on the mat itself from another perspective.
Multilevel class - to end the week in physical, mental and emotional harmony.

Visit Ingrid's class every Friday 17:00 - 18:00

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Power Yoga with Ingrid (in English)

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A class to wake up and feel the body. Through my journey of movement I have put together elements from fitness, gymnastics and yoga to find the perfect combination of strength and flexibility. Don't worry, the progress we will make together. You don't need to be super strong and/or flexible to join this class. All you need is to want to progressively develop a healthy and sustainable practice.
There will be the option to go into some inversions (headstand, forearm stand, handstand) but I will take care that we do it safely and adapting the practice to the participants.

Just try a class, whichever you level. The worst that can happen is that you sweat a bit. (We have a shower at the studio in case you need to freshen up to keep going with your day.)

Visit Ingrid's class every Friday 8:00 - 9:15

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Asana Flow with inversions with Caro (in German)

Yoga Leipzig

Inversions not only lead to changes in mental outlook, but also stabilize the cardiovascular system, improve digestion and brain function. Due to the latter, the ability to concentrate increases and fatigue decreases. The nervous system is positively influenced. In addition, the spine is strengthened or stretched, which makes the gait more upright and stable. The internal organs are also invigorated or relaxed and our self-confidence benefits when we manage to assume a new position upside down.

Visit Caro's class every Thursday 17:45 - 18:45

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Yoga and Meditation with Ingrid

Yoga Leipzig

Asking the mind to stop thinking is like asking the heart to stop beating. Through yoga and mediation, we learn how the body works in conjunction with the mind. And the other way around.


"A yogi's life is not measured by the number of days he lives, but by the number of breaths he takes,"

B. K. Iyengar. 

Visit Ingrid's Yoga Soft course every Wednesday from 7:15 to 8:15

Online or at the studio.

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Privatstunde mit Ingrid (in German, English or Spanish)

Yoga Leipzig

Sometimes people have specific goals, such as relaxing the upper back, improving shoulder mobility, opening the hips, etc. Some people prefer more powerful classes, while others prefer slower classes to fully experience each asana.
Sometimes a person needs something different in each class.

For a practice that is all about you and your needs, a private yoga class might be the right solution.

For more information/appointments, please write to

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