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Meditation & mindfulness

Get to know yourself

Meditations serve to familiarise the practitioner with various forms of mental processes. To meditate with a mindful attitude means to keep the attention in the here and now.


We practice being present. Meditation exercises in which we practice a mindful attitude teach us how to deal with problematic thoughts. We learn to increasingly use our thinking only when we need it as a tool.


Mindfulness helps us to build a different relationship with our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Depending on the practice, regular training leads in the long run to more presence, more compassion for ourselves and others, a stronger sense of connection with fellow human beings and nature, and increased resilience to stressors.

**Course in Spring: starting on the 9. April 2024**

**Course in Autumn: starting on September 2024**

Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction: MBSR course

Stress reduction

We offer you the classic MBSR course, which has been taught in this form worldwide for almost 40 years. MBSR is an 8 week stress reduction program. Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and colleagues developed the program in the late 1970s to support the health of people who are under great stress and / or who suffer from chronic illness and pain. Each of the weekly meetings focuses on a specific area of ​​content (e.g. communication). Based on the focus of the respective session, formal mindfulness meditations and informal mindfulness exercises for everyday life are conveyed.

MBSR is a scientifically based behavioral training program that is sponsored by health insurers and is generally recommended in the healthcare sector. Often the roots of mental and physical health problems are simply stress or the poor handling of thoughts and pain.

Permanent effects only emerge over time. In the course of our lives we have developed behavior patterns that cannot be changed overnight. Therefore, an MBSR course lasts 8 weeks and focuses on as many direct experiences as possible.

Stress reduction

In a preliminary talk we will find out together which focus is most helpful for you in order to meet your current needs.

An individual training consists of at least 6 sessions of 60 minutes each and extends over a minimum of 3 weeks with a maximum of 2 sessions per week. Mindfulness cannot be learned in the blink of an eye. To ensure a certain quality, periods of time are necessary between the sessions that allow you to do exercises for yourself at home. The focus is on your personal experience with the help of the exercises.

This can be deviated from through individual agreements. For example, the individual training can also be an adapted form of a classic MBSR course. The training can also be carried out in a desired three-person constellation (e.g. with a partner).

Private coaching

Stress Reduction

Through my expertise as a psychologist with a focus on work and organizational psychology, neuropsychology and the psychology of teaching and learning, you will receive professionally guided training that not only offers you practical exercises for everyday life, but also important background information about the functioning of your brain and ultimately yours Conveyed spirit. In the best case scenario, you will develop a daily meditation routine after just a few weeks. I have been giving seminars at various universities since 2012 and am accordingly well trained to lead both groups and individuals.

I offer you to get to know mindfulness meditation as a technique that helps you to cope better with stress in everyday life and to deal with yourself and your environment in a more appreciative way. By practicing regularly, you will increase your ability to observe sensory experiences - such as thoughts or feelings - without being overwhelmed by them. You will learn to recognize your own stress triggers and to develop appropriate alternative courses of action. This has been shown to improve your physical and mental well-being in the long term.

It is important to me to give you something that will last. I am convinced that it will change your life and that you and those around you will benefit from participating in the course in the long term.

Your teacher - Dr. Christian Hahn

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